Booking via our app – MyPetWalker

We recently got a new app system which allows our clients to book and manage their bookings, creating more flexibility. The app requires an invite by us at Hoof&Paws. We add in your Name, your Pets name and phone number. You will receive a text message inviting you to download “My Pet Walker” via the …

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Keeping your pet safe – Lost, Found or Stolen.

With rising reports of missing, found or stolen pets hitting the headlines. There is a growing concern on how to keep your pet safe. Here’s our advice on how to protect your pets as best you can. Microchipping –  Since April 2016, The law states any dogs over the age of 8 weeks old must …

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Enriching the life of your pets.

By enriching the life of your pets we can help create a calm and healthy companion.


Feeling hot under the collar?

This week Britain is set to have a heatwave, whilst some of us may be looking forward to getting our shorts on and have a BBQ, spare a thought for our furry friends.


Separation Anxiety or Hyper-Attachment in Pets

Some of us may have found our pets are becoming particularly clingy or may get distressed when left even if your still in the same house. We have teamed with Lauren from Spirited Dog Training and Behaviour to create our rough guide.


Covid-19 – What are you doing?

What do you do if you’re one of those people who are having to self isolate and you’re a pet owner?


Picking your Pet sitter or dog walker

What you should ask any pet service provider you may use.