The Extreme Weather &Your Pets. 

Britain is to be hit with extreme weather with temperatures predicted to hit around 35c, this will hugely affect all of us and our pets are no different. 

Try your best to stay cool and stay safe.

Animals can develop heat stoke very quickly and can go down hill rapidly If you are concerned about any of your animals please seek advice from your vets
heatstroke if left without proper treatment can kill! 

What we are doing as a company?

This is very much an extreme situation and we shall not be risking anyone or their pets.

We shall be starting earlier than normal however for everyone’s safety all walks will be limited to loo breaks ONLY in the garden (we will stay the full duration booked) 

For those dogs who won’t toilet in their gardens or their gardens aren’t deemed safe due to heat (I.e concreted/artificial grass/sun fully on the garden) 

Your dog will be taken to a safe area (I.e grassed/shaded area, woods) allowed their loo break and returned back to the safety of their home for the remaining duration. 

As usual, we shall ensure all pets have access to fresh water after each visit.

If you would like us to give your pet a frozen kong or extra food etc whilst we are with them please inform us before their visit.

Here are our top tips/advice:


Limit walks to cooler parts of the day in places such as woods and

Stop walking on days particularly reaching 28-36c

Have cool water available at all times 

Add a splash of water to their meals (vegetables can also provide a great source of extra fluid) 

Keep curtains closed all day so the house is cool

Don’t allow them to sit outside 

Cool mats can be great but please do not leave them unattended with them 

Frozen kongs/ licki mats (don’t leave unattended) 

Do NOT place wet towels on top of any animal this traps the water causing it to heat up between their coat.


limit outside access if you can

Add water to their meals 

If you catch them sunbathing (bring them in) 

Adding fish/chicken to meals (if your pets ok with this) can provide more fluids.

Small Pets – Rabbits etc:

Keep them in the shade and even bring them inside if you can.

Wet their vegetables/greens to increase their fluid consumption.

Ensure they’ve got plenty of water and their bottles don’t get too hot 


 Bring horses inside where possible, especially during the peak heat of the day or make sure they’ve got shelter

Check not only do they have plenty of water but their water is in shade.

Put Sun cream on noses particularly pink noses 

Add extra water to feed and hung up a salt lick in the stable/shelters

You can offer electrolytes – hang up a salt lick in the stable/shelters

Hose them off with cool water

Uv rugs can also be very useful to stop pink horses from becoming burnt.

Exotic’s and Aqauiams

Ensure your vivarium isn’t reaching dangerous temperatures (this will be species dependent on what they can tolerate please research appropriately/ message a reputable exotic rescue/vet I’m sure they will happily advise) 

Wet their meals (i will put extra water in my gecko food.) 

Ensure water is available in their vivarium at all times 

And the room they are in stays cool as best you can. 

Inside or outside tanks/ponds 

keep an eye on your temperatures and water Levels 

Seek advice from a professional If you are concerned about your fish.

if you’d like any additional advice feel free to contact us via Contact – Hoof & Paws (

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